The inaugural FCSA sanctioned shoot was held in Australia on the 14th of may at the SSAA Cardross range, the range is one of only 2 ranges approved for 50 BMG in the state of Victoria.

The event was a worldwide milestone in our sport as it was the first sanctioned event outside of the USA and now places our sport as a genuine world competition . Australian members will be attending the world titles in June in the USA.

The event has also solidified the genuine reason for ownership of 50 BMG’s in Australia.

The 600 yard factory rifle event was chosen to allow as many competitors to compete as  the majority of rifles in Australia are factory standard, and also the range is 600m in length.

Practice was held on the Friday and competition began at 10.30 am on Saturday and finished at 4.30 pm.

Over 40 spectators and competitors from 3 states attended and competed in the FCSA 600yd event and other competitions.

The FCSA 600yd event was restricted to FCSA members and 10 members competed.

The event was one by husband and wife team John and Michele Harbor from Sydney. Michele winning the highest score and John winning the best group.

The firearms used were Mcmillan, Armalite and Steyr and yes females can quite easily shoot these large calibres as the recoil is similar to a 308 calibre rifle.

It was interesting the comment from an F Class title holder that this was a whole new experience and extremely challenging.

The events success has encouraged the club to host a fcsa sanctioned shoot approx. every three months, these dates will be posted on our website (,au). Firearms will be available for use in the competitions on the day


Paul cohrs