Long Range Shooting Club Inaugural 600yd FCSA Sanctioned Shoot


SSAA Cardross Range, Mildura VIC. (Visit ssaamildura.org for map)


Practice – Friday 13th May, 10 am start.

Competition – Saturday 14th May, 10am start.


FCSA 600yd Factory Class Fifty Calibre Rifle – 50BMG Calibre only

A firearm will be available for use on the day.

Click here to download the FCSA 600YD Factory Class Match Rules

Please note: These rules are modified to suit individual ranges in Australia.

Awards for

Total Score: 1st, 2nd and 3rd   Place

Smallest Aggregate: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place


You must be an FCSA member to be eligible for official recorded scores and awards.

This is a modified sanctioned shoot, current modifications, all factory ammunition allowed only.

Targets used to be Australian ICFRA – 500yd targets.

Further modifications to rules may be required on the day and this will be at the discretion of the match director.

Nomination fee – $30.00

The following events if time permits

LRSC 600m Marksmen Event www.lrsc.org.au/events/600-metre-marksmen-event/

LRSC Feral Shoot consisting of the 300m & 500m distances

Any calibres permitted may be used in these events but no awards or placing’s will be recorded.

Nomination fee for both these events $5.00

For further information please contact Paul Cohrs on 0427 221 576 or pcohrs@lrsc.org.au